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Lady Gaga est naturellement brune, mais elle s'est teinte en blonde du fait de la confusion entre elle et Amy Winehouse. Ses perruques sont devenues un élément à part entière de ses tenues.

Premières années : 2005-2007Modifier

Ère de The FameModifier

A natural and solid blonde colored wig is seen in the music videos for her first four singles off The Fame. Durant l'ère de The Fame Gaga prominently featured a fringe. She then began experimenting with different colors, such as her lavender wig. When the music video for "Paparazzi" was released, she had moved to a short cut, blonde wig.

Mars à décembre 2008Modifier

She wore the same platinum blonde wig from X to December of 2008. After the shooting of "Poker Face", she started to add an hairbow on top of her wig.

Janvier 2009Modifier




Hair by Peter Savic




Ère de The Fame MonsterModifier

During the release of the "Bad Romance" music video, she had a curly blonde wig. While on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, she wore a new wig - half lavender, half solid blonde. One of her most famous and well known wigs, is her hair bow, which she often wore during and shortly after her official debut. Her signature bow has been replicated a few times, and given out to talk show hosts, such as, Oprah Winfrey and Paul O'Grady. During the release of "Telephone", Gaga wore mainly yellow-blond wigs, similar to the wig she wore at the 2010 Grammy Awards. She would continue to use yellow and blond wigs throughout most of the revamped Monster Ball Tour. During the release of "Alejandro", Gaga had a 'fierce purdey haircut', and was most often seen as a bob, or slicked back.

Septembre 2009Modifier




Janvier 2010Modifier




Ère de Born This WayModifier

All the hair by Frederic Aspiras except if noted.

During the the Born This Way era, Gaga experimented with several hair styles. The two most notable and prominently featured hairstyles are the black and blonde variations, starting in February 2011, and the teal hair, starting in June 2011.

November 2010Modifier


Janvier 2011Modifier



(Half blonde half black)Modifier




Janvier à mars 2012Modifier



Juin 2012 - Août 2012Modifier


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